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Celia would have been 21 today

Joanne Winer

March 27th, 2007

Our daughter, Celia, would have been 21 years old this March 28, and its hard for us to believe that she has been gone for almost 12 years. We still think of her as an 8-year-old, but often wonder what she would be doing now.

One of the things that has made it easier for us to get through this day is thinking about all the wonderful people that have shown us so much support over the years since her death. This is especially true of the support we have received for Celia's Rainbow Gardens and all the events connected to it. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words and for all the help they have given us.

From the volunteers in the Gardens, the volunteers at the spaghetti dinner and party in the park as well as other benefits, to those who helped at the recent visit of the American Veterans' Traveling Tribute which we sponsored, we thank you all for all your hard work and commitment to this project.

We also thank all the businesses who donate to our events and to everyone who comes out to show their support. We really appreciate everyone who has helped us make this dream a reality. The Gardens is a very special place to us and we are happy to share its uniqueness and sense of peace with everyone.

It is still a work in progress, but we are very proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to getting more done all the time.