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Loved Ones Remembered at the Gardens

Joanne Winer

August 15th, 2006

One of the things that makes Celia's Rainbow Gardens so unique is the fact that many groups and individuals have adopted areas to remember their loved ones.

Each individual who takes an area and landscapes it does so with the person they are remembering in mind.

Along the trails, you will see many of these areas that have been planted and fixed up by family and friends to make it a special place.

We think of this as part of a giant patchwork quilt, lovingly put together to keep memories alive.

Some groups take larger areas, and you will see all kinds of special places. Within it memories of their lost comrades and loved ones.

Each place in the Gardens has its own story, and that is what makes Celia's Rainbow Gardens different than any other than we know of.

It is wonderful to walk along the trails and see what volunteers have done to fix up an area and make it so unique.

Many visitors are amazed at what they find along the trails as they walk around, and often ask for the story behind it.

In the case of this area pictured, the man who was being remembered was a well known musician in Quartzsite and used to spend many hours playing in the RV parks in town with his band.

His friends and family took many hours to complete the rock guitar, cowboy boot, and hat that make up the front area and added their own special touches to it, including benches, plants, and a metal frog playing a guitar sculpture.

This is just one example of what a little imagination and a lot of hard work has done to make a beautiful contribution to the Gardens.

We thank them for all their efforts, as well as everyone else who has spent their time and energies adding their own piece to our heirloom quilt.
These reptiles and insects are not normally aggressive unless they feel threatened, but it is better to be cautious just in case.