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Gardens get a Cleanup

Joanne Winer

April 4th, 2006

Celia’s Rainbow Gardens is getting some much needed cleanup and pruning done, thanks to Dennis Wilskey, a master gardener who now works part time for the Town.

He has been going out to the Gardens several days a week pruning the trees and bushes, removing debris and garbage from the cuttings, and staking some of the trees that need it.

Dennis has been a master gardener for many years and worked at one time for the forestry service where he came from.

He is often called for information about planting things in this area and his knowledge comes from years of experience.

He lives in La Paz Valley, where he has one of the largest vegetable gardens in the area and we have often been the recipients of some of the fruits of his labor when his garden produces some of the best vegetables grown here.

Dennis was instrumental in helping plan the area along the Chapel Trail that was adopted by the Master Gardeners and Garden Club and helped put in the water lines to that area.

He has spent countless hours helping to maintain this area, trimming and planting and generally keeping the area cleaned up.

You can see the efforts he has been putting in recently, especially in the front entrance where the trees and bushes have been trimmed and he has cleaned up a lot of the debris that had accumulated from the work sessions where raking and pruning had been done.

With all the rains that we had last year, the Gardens was the greenest it has ever been but the hot summer, they really became a problem that we have been working on to make the Gardens look nice.

Dennis has put in a lot of hours in the Gardens over the past years and we really want to thank him for everything that he has done to help further the cleanup and planting.

The whole park will benefit from his efforts, but we want to give him a special thank you for the work he has done for the Gardens — it really makes a big difference.