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Thanks to the Volunteers

Joanne Winer

April 26th, 2006

One of the things that has made Celiaís Rainbow Gardens such a special and unique place is the fact that not only are the resident volunteers a part of the project, but the contributions of the winter visitors and snowbirds have continued to help the Gardens grow into what it is today.

When the Gardens first started 10 years ago, it was mostly local residents who volunteered their time and efforts, but every year since then, the many people who have taken this project to heart have been volunteers from clubs, organizations and individuals who come here for the winter season, some of them year after year.

These wonderful people have given the Gardens and the town their support for this project by the gift of their time and work to keep the Gardens going and becoming one of the most visited places in Quartzsite.

I donít know of any other town that has a project like this, where not only residents are working towards making such a project possible, but visitors to the area are pitching in and helping the community by donating their time.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help with all the areas that are being worked on, and appreciate all the help we can get, and the snowbirds and winter visitors have made a big difference. We thank everyone who has volunteered for all their help, and look forward to getting more areas worked on this coming season. For more info, call Joanne at 927-6551.