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Quartzsite Improvement Association president plans for next season

Joanne Winer

March 29th, 2006

The Quartzsite Improvement Association’s new president Loren Little has big plans for next season’s fun and entertainment.

“We are going to use the east parking area (on Ironwood Street at Palo Verde Avenue) for a weekend sales and swap meet yard, like the ones at La Paz County Park and Lake Havasu City,” Little said in an interview Thursday.

“The west parking area, near the Gem Club, will have RV rallies and we can accommodate even more RVs on the 9-acre main QIA fairgrounds.”

Little also said he wants to use the fairgrounds for special events like car and boat shows.

“We are going to try and have a special event or show every weekend here. The only time we won’t have one is during the Pow Wow, of course.”

The QIA Pow Wow Gem & Mineral Show fills the entire QIA fairgrounds every year.

QIA vice president Bob Taylor said he has big plans for the entertainment inside the QIA building, including bringing in tables and serving non-alcoholic refreshments during dances; creating a more club-like atmosphere.

“The QIA is the place to be,” Taylor said with a smile.

QIA gives back to the community QIA board member Diane Abbott reported the organization has donated more than $7,500 so far this year to various Quartzsite individuals and organizations.

Recipients include Willpower, Inc., KBUX radio, Little Scholar’s Pre-School, Celia’s Rainbow Gardens; and Quartzsite’s chamber of commerce, library, park & recreation department, elementary school and senior center. Alyssa Richardson, Brittany Cornell and Daisy Ortega earned QIA scholarship money, and Amber Kapuscinski received on-going school funds.

Can you cook?

The QIA needs new cooks. Charlie and Jean Sullivan are retiring after 16 years in the QIA kitchen, and volunteer cooks are needed for next season. Contact the QIA at (928) 927-6235 or see www.quartzsiteimprovementassoc.com for more information. The QIA is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.