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Gardens Begin to Bloom

Joanne Winer

March 29th, 2006

If you are planning to take a walk through Celia’s Rainbow Gardens, be sure to bring your camera.

The trees are now getting ready to blossom and some of the cacti have blooms on them already.

The palo verde trees have yellow blossoms and the ironwood has purpleish- blue, with the acacia now breaking out in big orange balls.

In the Garden club area on the center bed of the Chapel Trail, you can now see reddish purple blooms on the Valentine bush, red blossoms on the bottle brush and fairy duster bushes, yellow blossoms on the brittlebush, blue blossoms on the rosemary, and many other colored blossoms coming out on a variety of other bushes and trees.

The Argentine Giants will soon be getting ready to show their huge creamy white flowers, and the prickly pears are just opening up their beautiful flowers in shades of pink, yellow, orange and green.

The hedgehog is getting ready to show off its pinkish-purple flowers, and soon the staghorn and other chollas will also be ready to bloom.

Soon, the giant saguaros throughout the Gardens will be getting their huge blooms ready to open, and the aloe vera is already sending up its yellow and orange spikes.

These are just some of the wonderful colors that you will see along the trails as you walk through the Gardens.

As a word of caution, be sure to stay on the trails and be aware of walking in the dry vegetation if you cannot see what is on the ground.

The snakes are starting to come out of hibernation and having their young, and they like to come to the surface and soak up the sun.

With all the trees and cacti in bloom, there are also a lot of bees in the gardens, and this can cause some concern for anyone who is allergic to bee stings.

These reptiles and insects are not normally aggressive unless they feel threatened, but it is better to be cautious just in case.