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Party in the Park has Large Turnout

Joanne Winer

March 22nd, 2006

The annual Party in the Park was held on March 18, and in spite of the windy weather, between 500-600 people attended again this year.

The luncheon is held every March, to celebrate Celia’s birthday (March 28 — she would have been 20 this year!), and also to thank all the volunteers and supporters of Celia’s Rainbow Gardens over the past years.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who held work sessions in the past few months to get the Gardens ready for this event, including the Rock and Gem Club, Historical Society, Quartzsite Veterans Assoc., Gardening Club, Cactus Dodgers, and Red-Hat Q-Teas, and all the other individuals who work in the Gardens, TC and Debbie Collier, and Todd Hirst especially.

Thanks also to Donny, Mike, and Alex from the Town for all their help.

Thanks also to the volunteers who helped get the luncheon ready and helped set up and serve. These include Fran McWain, Chaparrel Bowman, Don and Jini Dill, Verna Lines, Julie and Walt Akin, Tony Carnevale, Ken and Jeri Wolfe, Mike Hobby, Phil and Melanie Ross, Marion LaViolette, Lee Vreeland, Bill, Mary and Rick Tiensvold, and Paul Lenkner.

Special thanks go to Jerry Mullins and Friends and Stillwaters Band — these great musicians have been entertaining for the Gardens for this birthday party and the spaghetti dinner for several years and always do a great job.

Thanks to a special guest Slim Price and his wife who are former carnival performers who did some great stunts for the crowd.

Another special thanks to the General Store for giving me space to store everything, and for ordering what I needed for the party, and to Q-Check for the ice.

Also thanks to everyone who donated prizes to the raffle — it was a great success again this year.

Of course, the party would not be a success if not for everyone who came out and braved the windy conditions to enjoy the day with us, and those who took tours of the Gardens and told us how much they liked it.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and we thank everyone for making it such a special day for us.