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Gardens Provide and Educational Experience

Joanne Winer

February 8th, 2006

When we first thought about what we wanted in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens, one of the things that was important to think about was how we could make it an educational and learning environment for those visitors who had never been to the desert before.

We wanted to make lots of displays showing what grows here and identify every tree and bush so that people could learn about this area.

As you are walking around the trails, you will notice many of the trees, bushes and cacti have green identification plaques beside them.

Eventually, the information area near the rock and gem pavilion will have another pavilion built that will have pictures and information about every tree, cactus, and bush identified along with other displays showing the reptiles, snakes, insects, birds and animals that are found in this part of the southwest desert.

The rock and gem pavilion will have a display showing what gemstones can be found in this area and will have samples of raw and polished pieces of rock to show people what hidden treasures there are in what looks like just a plain old rock.

We are now in the process of gathering information and pictures to publish a guide book of all the flora and fauna that can be found in the desert surrounding Quartzsite.

This booklet will be available this coming fall, and will give all kinds of information about the different species of plants and animals you will see here, some of which are not found anywhere else. Walking tour guidebooks for the Gardens are also being planned for next season, with lots of information about what you see along the trails in the Gardens. We want everyone to learn about this area and want as many educational displays in the Gardens as possible.