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Gem and Mineral Club add nice touch to The Gardens

Joanne Winer

October 17th, 2006

One of the groups that has been very active in Celia's Rainbow Gardens since the first year the Gardens started in 1995 has been the Quartzsite Roadrunners Gem and Mineral club.

When we first talked about wanting to line the trails with rock, we got a call from the club president who told us that the club wanted to get involved and would be more than happy to help with this project.

That first year, they brought out hundreds of rocks in the back of pickup trucks, and we walked along behind the trucks dropping all the rocks they brought and lining the pathways.

This was the beginning of a wonderful working relationship with this club that has lasted year after year ever since. The members of the club have been having many work sessions over the years to help the Gardens.

When we first started, we wanted to have a display of raw and polished rocks so that people visiting this area would be able to identify what they can find in the desert around here and what they look like when they are polished up. Sometimes the most ordinary rock holds a beautiful treasure when cut and polished into gemstones.

Tyson Wells Corp. made a donation to help build a pavilion that would house this display, and members of the club designed and built the pavilion over the next few winters.

The rock club has been working in the Gardens for many seasons now, and have done so much for the project that we cannot thank them enough for all their efforts.

We have had many work sessions making rock art displays, cleaning up after the summer in their area, raking and placing rocks along the trails, and much more.

They are a wonderful group to work with, and have added much to the overall look of the Gardens as well as their own area.

They are planning to put their displays of raw and polished rocks together this winter and making their display area inside the pavilion complete so the area can be landscaped and finished.

We are looking forward to having this display put in place so that everyone can see what is available in this area and can easily put a name to some of the gemstones they can find.

We thank the rock club for all their time and efforts.