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Volunteer Woodcarvers Needed

Joanne Winer

January 4th, 2006

Do you know how to carve wood? Or, can you whittle? If you do, and you have some spare time over the next few months, we have desperate need of your services for a special project for Celia’s Rainbow Gardens.

The newest area that we are working on now in the Gardens is going to be a special place to honor the heroes in our lives — firefighters, police, military, and civilians who put their lives at risk for us each day.

Some have made the ultimate sacrifice for us and we want to honor them for what they have done and what they continue to do every day.

Included also in this area will be a Peace garden. We have received a beautiful peace pole, one of thousands that have been put up all over the world.

These poles have been planted in hundreds of countries and states and their message is written in many languages saying “May peace prevail on earth.”

The pole that we were given is hand carved by a friend of the lady who donated it, and is one of a kind.

It holds 16 languages including braille and animal footprints, and will be a wonderful addition to the gardens when it is placed in this area.

We are hoping that we can get some woodcarvers to do some other poles for us to add more languages so that we can have a lot more countries represented in our gardens.

With all the people coming to Quartzsite from all over the world, we want to have many more poles added with their native languages included.

We have the poles, we just need some creative people to help make them special. A plaque will be added to the pole with the name of the carver included. If you would like to add your artistic talent to this area, please call Joanne at 927-6551.