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Monsoons Damage Gardens

Joanne Winer

September 29th, 2005

The recent monsoon storms have done a lot of damage in Quartzsite, and some of it has reached Celias Rainbow Gardens.

There are several trees that have been broken in half by the strong winds and several more trees that have broken limbs and damage to the foliage.

Several of the tall cacti were also damaged, and some of the bushes are showing signs of stress from the rain and winds.

The winds were so strong at one time that piles of loose debris and pieces of displays have been scattered all over. There will be several work sessions put together once the weather gets a little cooler to do some major cleanup and replanting.

There are also plans to reconstruct the fountain at the entrance to give it more stability, and several displays are being added and worked on soon.

Volunteers are always needed to help keep the Gardens growing.

If you have some free time coming up, please consider helping get the Gardens cleaned up and ready for our winter visitors.

Hundreds of people visit the Gardens every winter and are amazed at what our town has done by working together to make this a beautiful and unique place to visit.

Any donations are always welcome, and especially materials and time. Please contact Joanne at 928-927-6551 for further information.