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Praying for Rain

Joanne Winer

July 26th, 2005

Although a lot of people are not looking forward to the monsoon rains, because it affects their businesses, Celia’s Rainbow Gardens is one area that welcomes the rains.

The extreme heat that comes with the summer season does a lot of damage to the trees and other plants in the Gardens, and even though it is watered regularly, it is never enough to prevent some loss over the summer months.

The earlier rains over the past winter spurred the growth of wildflowers and lots of weeds, as well as the plants in the Gardens, and the danger of having all this dry brush ignite was a worry.

With the coming of the monsoon rains, not only does the danger of a fire diminish, but the trees and plants will start to come out of the stress of the heat that the hot sun brings.

Lucklily, this last storm we had did not cause any other damage in the Gardens except blowing a lot of the debris around that will have to be picked up.

It is hoped that more rain will bring the trees and plants a good soaking that will sustain them over the rest of the hot summer months after the monsoon season passes.

It now takes three people over three hours each time watering is done just to keep the plants alive in this heat, so every extra bit of water from the rain is very welcome.