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Giant Saguaros Being Moved to the Gardens

Joanne Winer

July 13th, 2005

One of the most impressive sights in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens as you enter the road is off to the left where last year 15 giant saguaros were moved in and planted in one corner of what is known as the Heroes area.

These huge cacti were donated to the Gardens through the generosity of Pioneer Sand and Gravel company in cooperation with the BLM.

They were brought in and planted by a company out of Tucson, and stand like vigilant guards over this corner of the area.

It was a huge job, and one that was done well by the professional workers that took all day to get them into place.

Now, thanks again to the BLM and Pioneer Sand and Gravel, five more of these huge giants have been donated and will be planted this coming Wednesday to add to the saguaro forest in that area. It is going to be another hot and tiring job for the guys who do it, and we can only be grateful that they know how to do it well — they make it look easy, but it is not.

The saguaros that have been donated are ones that have had to be moved out of the way to make roadways into the mining area east of town near Gold Nugget Road.

Pioneer Sand and Gravel bought land in this area to dig for landscaping materials.

The BLM has worked with this company since it first started several years ago and have asked that any plants that need to be moved be donated to Celia’s Rainbow Gardens.

This is a wonderful addition to the Gardens and their efforts and the generosity of Pioneer Sand and Gravel in giving the Gardens these enormous plants and paying for their removal and planting are very much appreciated.

They make a beautiful backdrop to this area in the Gardens.