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Firefighters to be honored

Joanne Winer

March 2nd, 2005

The men and women who have dedicated their lives to work as firefighters are another group that will be honored in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens in the new area set aside for our heroes.

The events of 9/11 and other national tragedies have shown the public just how special these heroes are, and how often they go unrecognized for their valiant efforts.
They put their lives on the line every day to fight horrendous fires that can destroy homes, businesses, forests and lives.

The Quartzsite Fire Department has served our county and town for many years.
They have been involved in many community programs and events to try to raise public awareness to the hazards that can affect our lives.
If you have ever been in a situation where their services are needed, you will know just how special these firefighters are.
These highly-trained and dedicated firefighters and paramedics have proven time and again that they will do everything they can to save lives by putting their own lives at risk.

Quartzsite is very lucky to have some of the best firefighters in the country, and these caring and hardworking men and women deserve to be recognized for their efforts for our community. Celia’s Rainbow Gardens is proud to honor them for all they have done, as well as the many other firefighters all over the country who have done the same for the communities they watch over.
They deserve our thanks and support.