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Recent Rains are Sure to Brighten the Garden

Joanne Winer

March 18th, 2005

With all the rain that we have been blessed with lately, it is sure to be a great showing of flowering plants in the desert come spring.
Celia’s Rainbow Gardens has some fantastic color when everything is in bloom, and it will be sure to be a great blooming season this year.
One of the prettiest and most colorful trails in the gardens is the Chapel Trail, which was adopted by the Quartzsite Garden Club and Master Gardeners.
They took the empty teardrop center bed of this trail and created a beautiful array of desert plants that, when the spring comes, will burst into bloom in some of the most unique and colorful displays you will see in this area.
The little chapel building in the center of the area is surrounded by every color in the rainbow, from the deep purple hibiscus, lavender, fuschia valentine bush, yellow brittlebush, orange mallow, and every color of flowers you can imagine.
The cacti and trees also have very colorful flowers when they are in bloom and the Argentine Giants have huge white trumpet flowers.
Many people come out to Gardens with their cameras to take pictures of all the plants in bloom, most of which bloom in the spring, but some of which are in bloom now.
If you have some time and want to see what nature’s bounty is in this part of the country, please feel free to walk the paths and enjoy the Gardens at any time.