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Entrance to the Gardens Enhanced

Joanne Winer

February 4th, 2005

Entrance rock to Gardens has new features added including a laser etching of the late Celia Winer.
The granite portrait of Celia has been cemented into place, and the wording and rainbow have been carved into the flagstone.
The work was done by a visiting snowbird, Bobby Cline, who spent many days carving out the niche for the portrait and the words Celia’s Rainbow Gardens and rainbow into the huge rock, all done by hand.
He spent hours chiseling out the heart for the portrait, and it was finally cemented into place earlier this past week, with the wording and rainbow being finished just a few days ago.
The portrait was laser etched onto granite, and hand cut by an artisan thanks to Mike Presley, from Frye’s Mortuary in Blythe last year, and has been waiting for someone to carve a place for it on the entrance rock.
Thanks to Bobby Cline, this part has now been completed, and visitors can have a better idea of what the Gardens is all about. There are still a few more finishing touches to be added, and these will be done in the near future.
This is a very special addition to the Gardens, and we thank Bobby Cline for all his time and efforts in helping to get it done.