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Volunteers Make Numerous Improvements to Gardens

Joanne Winer

November 29th, 2005

A lot of activity has been going on in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens recently, and many people who have gone out to see the gardens again have noticed the changes that have been made.

The Red Hat Q-Teas of Quartzsite have adopted an area near the end of the Chapel Trail and have really been working hard to make it special.

They have lined their area with beautiful rocks, planted some bushes, put up a large stone that will hold the names of those remembered in their club and have weeded the whole area.

Some tiles with red hats have been added and a bench has been put into place. These ladies and some of their better halfs have spent a lot of time out there and their efforts have made it a really nice addition to the Gardens.

Queen Shirley and some of her ladies (and their husbands) have also spent some time just going out and pulling weeds and cleaning up the entrance area also. This is such a big help and makes it look so nice.

Thanks to the Red Hat Q-Teas, the gardens are looking much better.

Another helper has been busy digging trenches for water lines to be added in several areas.

One of the biggest problems we have had in the Gardens has been the coyotes digging up the black irrigation lines that have been put in over the years. They have chewed up several hoses and have made a mess of some of the lines that have been put in, so we are planning to put in PVC pipe to the areas that need constant watering around the trees.

This is a big job and the trenches have to be dug out before the pipes can be installed.

Thanks to Todd Hirst for coming out and spending many hours digging, one of the areas is now ready for pipes to be added.

Eventually, he hopes to get all the areas needing water lines to be trenched and ready for the system to be installed.

It will make so much difference to those of us who spend hours watering areas that will soon have to only have a tap turned on.

Eventually, it is hoped that all water lines in the garden will be put on timers, and that will really make a big difference -— our time can be used for other projects instead of just watering to keep things going.

Several other memorial areas have been added also, and these families who have donated trees and benches and have spent their time landscaping, have done a wonderful job adding their special touches to the Gardens.

These are just a few of the new additions to the gardens, and we really appreciate all the hard work and efforts that have done so much to make it so special to everyone who goes out there.