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Volunteers are what make the Gardens nice.

Joanne Winer

April 30th, 2004

From the very beginning of Celia’s Rainbow Gardens in 1995, the project has only been able to continue through the efforts of all the volunteers who have helped make it what it is today.
Some of the volunteers have been helping in the Gardens since the first few weeks, and continue to give of themselves to help the Gardens grow.
Some people have helped for certain parts of the project, others have come and gone. But, each one who has given their time in one way or another to work on this project is worth their weight in gold.
They have come out and planted, watered, dug ditches, placed rocks, carried hoses and lines, built displays, cleared areas and much more. There are some who work behind the scene, helping with fund-raisers, working at crafts, baking for bake sales, etc. and those people are also greatly appreciated.
With the coming of summer, many of the winter volunteers are making their way back to their homes in the north country. They make up a great number of the volunteers in the Gardens, and they will be missed.
They have put a lot of effort into helping make the Gardens what it is today, and we hope to see them again in the fall for another winter. There are still some who will be here all summer working in the heat just to keep the plants and trees from dying.
They are very special people, and their efforts are enormous in the heat. Celia’s Rainbow Gardens would not have come so far without all the volunteers who have given their time, and we thank everyone who has been part of its success.