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Work Begins On New Area

Joanne Winer

February 1st, 2005

Work has begun in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens on a new area designated to honor the men and women who serve our community by risking their lives to help us.
This area recently had 15 giant saguaros put into place in one corner. The area is now being flattened and raked clear so the pond can be put into place.
The pond will be made out of a 12 foot fiberglass satellite dish that will be sealed together and inverted in the center of the area.
A solar panel and pump will be installed into the pond after the pond has been secured in place and water lines have been run to it.
We are looking for someone with experience in working with fiberglass and ponds to help with the design and construction of this pond, and would appreciate anyone with this ability to contact us at 927-6551.

Behind the pond will be the area with the two mazes for the children. This area is being raked out and leveled and will be gridded and marked with the mazes soon.
The dinosaur and turtle mazes will be outlined so the brickwork can begin. The designs will be bordered with scalloped brick edging, and more is needed for these huge mazes.
If anyone would like to donated some scalloped edging bricks, they will be greatly appreciated. The mazes will be outlined with brick and the walkways will be filled with pea gravel.

Landscaping will then be done around the whole area. There will be a play set put up in this area, and a tire snake will encircle two sides to delineate this area from the others.
There will be work sessions coming up on Saturdays, and anyone is welcome to come out and join in at any time to work on the mazes or the pond area. All help is greatly appreciated and needed.

Please check the bulletin board at the entrance to the Gardens for further work sessions coming up.
For more information, or to volunteer or donate some materials, please contact Joanne at 927-6551.