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Church to work on Amphitheatre

Joanne Winer

February 21st, 2005

Work will start again soon on the Ampitheater in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens. Members of the LDS Church have taken this project on, and last year they got started on the seating areas that will be made of rock. These three tiers will be finished this year, and landscaping will be done around the seating area once the rock work has been finished.
There will be a staging area at the front corner, with a large patio leading up to the seating area that can be available for wheelchairs etc., with the seating area accommodating more than one hundred, and extra room on each level for more chairs if necessary. Once the seating areas have been finished, walkways will be put in with handrails up to each level. Solar lights will be added for any evening event, and to provide power if needed for any event where electric is needed.
The amphitheater will be available for use by any group to hold meetings, seminars, weddings, etc. Trees and bushes have already been planted around the perimeter, and more landscaping is planned once the seating and staging areas have been completed.

October 10th, 2003

Last spring, work was started on the amphitheater area in Celia’s Rainbow Gardens.
Members of the LDS church have taken on this project, and under the direction of Arden Levi, the three tiers have been dug out and the first level of rock has been started.
When finished, the seats will hold over 100 people with a wide area on each level to add extra chairs if needed.
Wheelchair access will also be provided, on the lower level near the stage area.
Once the three tiers of seating have been put into place, the side areas of the seats will have handrails and walkways put in place.
The stage area will be in the corner near the trail into the amphitheater and will have a stone or cement floor that will go up to the seating area.
An access road to this area has also been cut, enabling vehicles to go up to the amphitheater area when needed.
Some landscaping has already been done on the hill surrounding the amphitheater and more will be done once the seating is in place. The funding for this area was provided by the Lombardo Companies from East Boston.
Owners Sal and Mabel Lombardo have been family friends for over 50 years and wanted to help with this area in memory of family members. Their support has been greatly appreciated. Work should begin again soon on finishing the seating area as soon as the volunteers come back. It is hoped that the amphitheater will be finished over this winter season.