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Community of Quartzsite drawn together over unexpected death

Bob Miller
PV Times

October 28th, 1994

Thos of us who choose to live in a small community are reminded of the benefits of being surrounded by those friends and caring neighbors in time of persona crisis.

Such is the case in the small town of Quartzsite today.  The sudden death of 8 year old Celia Winer has drawn the community together in prayer and support of one of our families in their time of need.

Celia’s passing has served to touch the hearts of each of us and caused us to lay aside personal burdens and differences and come to the comfort and aid of our neighbors Paul and Joanne Winder.

While it is difficult for us to understand why the Lord has chosen to call Celia home at such an early age, it is comforting to know that we live in a caring community where in time of need, the gentle compassion and support of our friends, associates and neighbors is the immediate concern and priority of the community. 
Our hearts go out to Paul and Joanne in their time of need and grieving. 

We pray that they can take some degree of comfort in knowing that Celia enriched the lives of her community.

Celia’s passing has served to bring us all together, to guide us to put aside differences and unite as a strong community that is truly family.

While Quartzsite has been burdened by its share of negative state and national media characterizations of our community and its quality of life, we have to wonder what the outside world would conclude about our community if they could be here to witness and feel the caring and compassion among our residents in a time that one of our own faces serious personal crisis.