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A Glimpse of History

Miracle baby destined for greatness

Palo Verde Valley Times 
Quartzite People
Sandi Carey

August 26th, 1992

Paul and Joanne Winer celebrated their eighth wedding. Anniversary recently on Aug 21,’ 1992. They have a young daughter named Celia Anne who was one of the smallest babies at birth to survive. She was three and a half months premature and weighed only one pound and six ounces.

The baby was born at McMaster Neonatal University Hospital. The doctor who delivered her said she would not survive Joanne however, was determined that she would live. There as one chance in 5 million that Joanne could become pregnant. Celia was that one chance and she wasn’t going to let her go.  

Celia Anne was born March 28, 1986 and brought home on July 26, 1986, weighing five pounds. Her parents celebrated the occasion w1th a big party. Paul’s parents came up from Yuma to attend. They lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at chat time.  

At birth, Celia’s head was the size of a lemon. She was able to breath on her own, but she still had to be in an incubator for four months. During that time she became jaundiced and went down to under one pound.  

A feeding Lube put down her throat caused scar tissue to form.   Mucous collected there because of ‘ the tiny aperture of her throat whereby the baby would forget to breath. It also made her susceptible to pneumonia. Both conditions have necessitated treatment, but they are temporary. She will grow out of them.   

Joanne was under the necessity of having to make all, of Celia’s baby clothes. Even doll clothes were too big for her. She was so small that a wash cloth cut into quarters provided four diapers for her. Nevertheless, she ate good, she never got the colic, and as yet, she hasn’t had any childhood diseases.

Now Celia is a bouncy, intelligent six and a half year old and a Star A student in Kindergarten. Her teacher, Miss. Grace, at Quartzsite Elementary School says, “she is destined for greatness,”