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The Garden

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A community working together to make a child's dream come true.  Celia's Rainbow Gardens, located in the Quartzsite Town Park encompasses 8 acres of the 40 acre park.  The gardens were inspired by the dreams of Celia Winer, an 8-year old girl whose goal in life was to make the world a better place.   Her love of nature, her desire to save the environment, and dreams of people working together have been taken to heart by this little desert community. 

All plants, trees, cacti etc. will eventually have identification markers, and educational displays will also be included along the trails...

While the Garden is still a work in progress, you may go out there at any time to look around and see what is happening. Visitors who have been there before will notice a lot of changes, and there will be much more done by the end of this season. If you have never been there before, please feel free to come out and see what can be done with many helping hands and hearts....