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The Traveling Wall

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Traveling Tribute Leaves Q'site
Traveling Tribute arrives in Q'site

Simply called, "The Wall," a replica of Washington D.C.'s monument to US soldiers lost in the Vietnam War now stands in Quartzsite. No, this is not a permanent exhibit, but rather a traveling memorial that clears town in mid-February.

The Wall’s visit was heralded by the thunder--not of jet fighters--but of swarms of motorcycles leading a parade to the viewing area in the town park on North Plymouth. Set up took place this last Thursday, although plenty of folks were on hand to search for names, even as the Wall’s panels went up. At nearly 380 feet in length this version of the wall is 80% scale of the D.C. memorial.

By the time then-President Gerald Ford called a halt to US involvement in the fray, 58,000 American troops had lost their lives. The last 18 servicemen who died are listed on the last panel, representing the last official US losses in mid-May 1975. The thousands of names listed on these panel represent the hopes and fears of still more thousands of families. At the Quartzsite showing, quiet groups are looking for name they know, some making pencil rubbings of those they find.

There is no financial charge for a visit to "The Wall," but the price paid may be on your emotions.

Dee & Joanne welcome the wall